There is no better time to start


One of my greatest mentors in life, both professionally and personally, is Zig Ziglar. This would probably be news to him. I discovered his books while in high school and had the blessing to see him speak in Tampa and then again in Jacksonville, Florida. He has since passed away, but his life’s work continues to inspire me everyday.

The first blog post I ever wrote was in 2007 and I did experience a bit of panic attack prior to pressing publish. Today, hundreds and hundreds of blog posts later, I still feel my heartbeat quicken prior to pressing that magic publish button. The fear of putting your thoughts, opinions, experiences out into the world can be intimidating. It can also be exciting, motivating, and (if you’re lucky enough) create an emotional connection to your reader.

Zig Ziglar’s quote, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” is a reminder to me to not get stuck waiting for the right time to begin. There is no better time to start that thing you’ve been thinking about than today.

Each New Year brings new possibilities and new opportunities. As our journey begins for 2015, I wanted to create a place to centralize my digital footprint. When asked for my website URL, it always seems difficult for me to explain how to reach me online. My plan is this destination serves as a place to find my latest work, including new blog posts on Military Life, Social Media, Leadership, favorite Productivity tips, my calendar, plus links to all our shows and projects.

We recently purchased a new home and if your a military family then you know how exciting that milestone is your military life journey. Good Lord willing, we will be here for years and years to come. I’m feeling like I can decorate with permanent living in mind! I’ll take you along the journey as we settle into our new home.

Chances are you found this place from my other blog. You’ll find the show posts will be cross promoted, however I will feature exclusive content that you will only find here on

Thanks for reading and let’s continue the conversation here and here.

Welcome aboard.

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