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What is your favorite Podcast?

The world of podcasting has exploded since the first episode of Navy Wife Radio (the beginnings of Military Life Radio) back in 2007. Since the first episode, we’ve aired over 180 unique shows. All of them offer interesting interviews, advice on various topics and some laughs along the way.

With the design of this new website, I’ll be adding blog posts for the most popular shows and eventually bringing in the full directory. You’ll also begin to see these episodes on the podcast page. You can listen directly from the links provided, to get automatic updates you can even subscribe to the iTunes podcast.

Help us create the next show:

What big problem are you experiencing?

Who would you like us to interview?

We are always looking for show ideas and guests!

Learn about the podcast here and visit the directory of past podcasts here.

Thank you for listening and subscribing!

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